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How I Sent a CSAT Survey to Specific Associated Contacts When a Deal is Won in HubSpot

In today's WHInsight, I'll demonstrate how to send a CSAT survey to specific contacts with an association label when a deal closes in HubSpot.


Step-by-Step Guide

1. Setup Association Labels:

  • Go to HubSpot settings.
  • Navigate to Objects > Contacts (or Deals).
  • Create association labels.

2. Create a Workflow:

  • Go to Automations > Workflows.
  • Create a new deal-based workflow.
  • Set enrollment criteria: Number of associated contacts is greater than zero.
  • Enable re-enrollment for updates.

3. Create a Helper Property:

  • Create a new contact property, e.g., "Send CSAT," with a Yes/No field type.
  • Use this property in the workflow to update contacts with the desired association label.

4. Configure the Workflow:

  • Set property value for contacts with the association label.
  • Duplicate steps for other labels if needed.

5. Publish the Workflow:

  • Review and publish the workflow.
  • Opt to enroll only future deals.

6. Setup the CSAT Survey:

  • Create or configure a CSAT survey in HubSpot.
  • Set enrollment criteria: Deal stage is Closed Won and Send CSAT is Yes.

7. Address Potential Issues:

  • If labels are applied after contacts are added, remove and re-add a contact to update Send CSAT property for the contacts associated in the deal.
  • Re-trigger the CSAT send by moving the deal to a Closed Won stage.
  • Verify survey sends by checking survey status or setting up reports.


This setup ensures CSAT surveys are sent only to contacts with specific association labels when a deal closes. If you have any questions or alternative suggestions, please comment below or reach out directly.

Happy WHImpacting!