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Everyone has business potential waiting to be unleashed, including you.

Whole Hart Impact is on a mission to help you build a profitable business people love.

Our "why" is in our name. WHI strives to generate a lasting, positive impact by helping organizations with less than 20 people become better than they were yesterday. Right now, WHI is a team of one, me, Ryan Schweighart.

Why Hart not heart? It's in my last name. You are going to get a fully devoted me if we work together.

I will do this through my core values:

Love - willing the good of the other

I am committed to willing the good of my clients, supporting them with compassion and understanding.

Honesty - don't deceive

Integrity and transparency are at the heart of my interactions, ensuring trust and clear communication.

Beauty - OCB: obsessive commitment to better

My pursuit of excellence drives me to continually improve and innovate, delivering solutions that are not only effective but elegantly designed.

I'm not for everyone. I want to work with you if...

  • You sell services that you might want to productize in the future.

  • You have less than 20 people in your organization and have some clients.

  • You're frustrated with marketing strategies and tactics you don't understand.

  • You're burnt out on technology and when to use what piece of software.

  • You are frustrated with previous, big-name consultants you've worked with.

  • You want to generate value fast and results that last.

  • You believe in work product, not hours worked.

I believe every business's objective should be to make your business sellable, even if you don't want to sell.

Let's begin your business transformation today.

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My story so far...

It all started when I, Ryan Schweighart, was born in... jkjk

Let's skip some years and travel back to mid-late 2020. I had all the things to be fulfilled: an engineering degree, an excellent job for nearly a decade at a great company, amazing benefits, and I had just gotten engaged to my now wife, Ani (pictured nearby). But, I didn't feel fulfilled.

Layoffs were pretty much an annual, if not bi-annual, occurrence at the company I was working for. You don't get used to layoffs, but you kind of become desensitized to them. Another round was coming mid-September 2020. My time at the company came to an end. Being laid off was kind of like being in a near-miss car accident. Everything comes to a screeching halt, your emotions are elevated to the extremes, and then you realize everything is OK.

The question lingered - why wasn't I fulfilled? Over the first couple months after being let go, I came up with this answer: I won't become all I can be in a corporation.

So, here I am starting Whole Hart Impact. Well, not quite.

I started to put together what my business would look like, but I couldn't convince myself to take the chance. I knew I didn't want to get back into a corporate role even though the comforting allure of a salary and benefits was strong. In an effort to delay the inevitable, I decided to test out working for a startup software company. It was going well until about a month in when I invested in a 4-day business masterclass. During that training, the idea for Whole Hart Impact took shape. I spent the next three months at the software startup working to apply what I'd learned with some success, but the pull of WHI was too strong. As soon as I realized I couldn't commit to the software company long-term, I told the founder. He was in full support of me and said, "How about we be your first client?" 

Now, Whole Hart Impact was born and the journey of 'fulfillment' continues...

"The goal of this human adventure is to see what all we can become [for God] with all we have been given [from God]."

-Jim Rohn


At Whole Hart Impact, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be an innovative and successful business leader. In order to be that way, you need effective strategies and systems to scale your business efficiently.

The problem is the complexity and inefficiency in current business processes, which makes you feel overwhelmed and concerned about your business’s future growth. We believe in the power of simplicity and creativity to drive business success. We understand the unique challenges you face in scaling your business while maintaining quality and fostering innovation.

That’s why we offer personalized, creative business strategy consulting tailored to your specific needs.

Here’s how it works: first, we assess your current business processes; second, we develop a customized strategy to streamline and enhance efficiency; third, we provide ongoing support to ensure successful implementation and growth.

So share a problem to receive a free, custom solution, so you can stop feeling stuck in the complexity of growth and start experiencing sustainable business success with clarity and simplicity.

The WHI-Team

Right now, Whole Hart Impact is a team of one; however, I am in this for the long haul with plans to grow a team. While I am not hiring at the moment, I would love to chat with anyone that resonates with WHI's mission and work. My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Ryan Schweighart

Founder and Chief Problem Solver

I attended the University of Oklahoma and received my Petroleum Engineering degree. My work experience includes ~9 years of production and reservoir engineering, which has given me knowledge to understand how a business operates. I have an ability to implement technological solutions for systems and processes, a drive to learn and teach that knowledge to others, and a strong ability to listen. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and received hundreds of hours of training on how to make an impact (marketing strategies). It is my passion to share this gold with you, so you can make the impact you know you can make.

I believe every business's objective should be to make your business sellable, even if you don't want to sell.

Let's begin your business transformation today.

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