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Customize HubSpot’s Help Desk Sidebar to Conditionally Show Certain Properties



Hi, I'm Ryan Schweighart, founder of Whole Hart Impact. I help businesses grow by using HubSpot and Zapier. Today, I'll show you how to display dependent properties in HubSpot's Help Desk sidebar.

Problem Overview

Mr. Torres from the HubSpot community asked about showing dependent properties in the Help Desk sidebar. He wants to view product versions alongside the main product property. This setup works on forms, but he's having trouble achieving similar functionality in the Help Desk sidebar.

Solution Steps

  1. Customizing the Sidebar: We'll customize the Help Desk sidebar to display dependent properties based on the selected main property.

  2. Creating Properties:

    • Go to Settings in HubSpot.
    • Scroll to Properties and select Ticket Properties.
    • Create a property for the product (e.g., KeyVR) and another for its version.
  3. Setting Up Conditional Logic:

    • In the Properties tab, select Create Logic.
    • Set a condition where selecting a product (e.g., KeyVR) requires choosing a version.

Demo Walkthrough

  1. Creating Properties:

    • Create a ticket property for the product and another for the version.
    • Use multiple checkboxes for options (e.g., KeyVR versions 1 to 5).
  2. Setting Up Conditional Logic:

    • Define logic to display the version property when a product is selected.
    • Make the version property required based on the product selected.
  3. Customizing the Sidebar:

    • Go to Settings > Inboxes and Help Desk.
    • Select Sidebar Customization and add a new card.
    • Set the card to display the version property conditionally based on the product selected.

Testing the Setup

  1. Create a Test Ticket:
    • Add the product property to the ticket.
    • Select the product (e.g., KeyVR) and its version.
    • Save and refresh the page to see the conditional section display.


Customizing HubSpot's Help Desk to display dependent properties is straightforward with the right setup. If you have questions about customizing the sidebar or setting up conditional logic, feel free to reach out in the comments below.

Happy WHImpacting!