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How I Created a Recurring Meeting in HubSpot Using Zapier and Google Calendar

Hi, I'm Ryan Schweighart, founder of Whole Hart Impact. In today's WHInsight, I'll show you how to book a recurring meeting from HubSpot using Google Calendar and Zapier.

Scenario Setup

Imagine you run a cleaning company. When a client inquiry comes through HubSpot, you schedule an initial cleaning. You then want to turn this into a recurring meeting.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Booking the Initial Meeting:

    • Go to the scheduling part of HubSpot.
    • Assume an estimate form has been submitted and the information is gathered.
    • Select the client and book the initial cleaning.
    • Choose the date, time, and duration (e.g., July 15th, 3-hour cleaning).
    • Add the client’s address and set reminder emails if needed.
    • Save the meeting.
  2. Setting Up Recurrence with Zapier:

    • Use a new engagement in HubSpot as the trigger step.
    • Set the type of engagement to "meeting".
    • Add a filter step to ensure it’s for the initial cleaning.
    • Use formatter steps to add one week to the start and end times.
    • Retrieve the contact's name and email.
    • Create a detailed event in Google Calendar using the formatted dates and contact information.
    • Set the recurrence pattern (e.g., biweekly).
  3. Automation and Finalization:

    • Save the Zap and wait for it to trigger (depending on your Zapier plan, this could take 1-15 minutes).
    • Verify the initial and recurring meetings in Google Calendar.

Pro Tips

  • Pass a URL to the HubSpot record into the calendar invite for easy access.
  • Customize the recurrence frequency using a lookup table if needed.

That’s it! You’ve now set up a recurring meeting system using HubSpot and Zapier. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out or leave a comment below.

Bye for now!