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Automate Quote Line Item Retrieval in HubSpot with Zapier

In a recent question on the HubSpot community forum, Mr. Leo asked whether it's possible to retrieve line items associated with quotes in HubSpot. The good news is that it's possible. In this post, I'll guide you through the process of how to do it.


Here's how I retrieved line items from a quote, added them to a Google Sheet, and sent myself an email notification:

  1. Setting Up the Trigger in HubSpot: First, you need a deal with associated line items and a quote. Once the quote is signed, the deal moves to a "Closed Won" stage, triggering an automation sequence. In HubSpot, create a quote-based workflow that activates when a quote is signed. You can set criteria for e-signature dates or manual signatures to initiate the workflow.

  2. Integrating with Zapier: Once the quote is signed and the deal stage changes, this triggers a Zap in Zapier, which then executes the following tasks:

    • Retrieves the signed quote.
    • Fetches line items related to the deal.
    • Adds these line items to a Google Sheet.
    • Sends an email notification via Zapier, providing a link to the updated Google Sheet.
  3. Configuring the Automation:

    • In Zapier, set the workflow to start when a deal reaches the "Closed Won" stage.
    • Use a "Find Association" step to link the deal ID with its associated quote.
    • Retrieve line items related to the quote using another "Find Association" step.
  4. Looping through Line Items: Zapier's looping feature allows you to process multiple line items individually. For each line item, the following occurs:

    • The line item is retrieved and added to the Google Sheet.
    • Each line item's details are updated in the sheet, allowing for calculations like discounts.
  5. Final Steps and Notifications: After processing all line items, if it's the last loop iteration, an email notification is sent. This email can be customized and sent through various platforms supported by Zapier.

This automation not only streamlines the process of updating records after a deal closes but also ensures that all related documentation is kept up-to-date automatically.

For those interested in deeper customization or using the HubSpot API directly, you can find more details in the original community post. This setup can be especially useful for integrating HubSpot with accounting platforms like Xero or QuickBooks to keep all business processes in sync.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out or comment below. Happy automating!